We’re all about  budget-friendly Halloween decor this year! So today, I’m sharing a DIY Black Twig Wreath that uses branches, glue, black paint, and dollar store items.

DIY Black Twig Wreath for Halloween

Since my kids are too old for Halloween, I don’t go all out for Halloween decorations anymore. So this year, I’ve been trying my best to use what we have to decorate for the ghoulish season. And when I saw this post from Earnest Home Co., I knew I had to make one with the leftover branches I had from DIY Branch Tree project.

DIY Black twig wreath slider

DIY Halloween Black Twig Wreath

Yield: 1

How to make a twig wreath base.


Twig Wreath Base

  • Twigs (8" to 10" long)
  • Black matte spray paint
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

Optional Decorative Items

  • Black gauze netting
  • Red faux roses
  • Black birds


  1. black twig wreath base Use the most sturdy sticks to create the base of the wreath and glue the ends together to create a hexagon shape. If your sticks are shorter, a heptagon shape would also work to create a roundish shape.
  2. DIY Black Twig Wreath building Continue to place and glue twigs onto the base form to create a round wreath shape. Don’t worry about making it perfect…you want this to look a little haphazard. When you get the look you like, it’s time to paint the wreath.
  3. black twig wreath Place the wreath on a covered area and spray with black paint. Let dry. Repeat until all the branches are painted black.
  4. DIY Black Wreath Plain If you like a plain and simple look, stop here and hang it! Note: A black ribbon or twine may need to be added for hanging.
  5. DIY Black Twig Wreath If you want to embellish the wreath further, hot glue on black netting, roses, and a few birds for interest. I can’t decide if I like it better plain or embellished? Which version do you like?


To make the wreath look thicker, keep adding more twigs till you get the look you like.

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  1. So very clever! I love the instructions on how to make a twig wreath…that could come in handy all year long. I definitely like the embellished version of your Halloween wreath. Thanks for hosting the Fall party so we can share our Fall projects!

  2. I love this wreath! I was thinking of making something similar, but I like the way you made yours so much better. The red flowers are the perfect touch! Pinning!

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