Glam up your fall or Halloween decor with this DIY Black Rose Pumpkin, the second pumpkin in my 3-part series!

DIY Black Rose Pumpkin

It’s time for another pumpkin craft! If you missed the first pumpkin, you can catch it here–>> DIY Halloween Glam Glitter Pumpkin.

DIY Black Rose Pumpkin

This DIY Black Rose Pumpkin is the largest pumpkin in my 3-part series. It’s a knock-off of the $59 Midnight Rose Pumpkin from Grand In Road and I did it for less than half the cost (I had most of the supplies)!

Confession time! This was the very first time that I attempted decoupaging with napkins. I scoured Youtube and the internet for tutorials on decoupaging with napkins on a black surface. Guess what? There isn’t any because it doesn’t work! The black background comes through the thin napkin and makes a muddy mess of the print. But I already bought the rose print napkins, so I was committed to using them!

I also asked for advice in several craft groups. For decoupaging on a dark surface, it was suggested to use fabric or wrapping paper because these mediums are thicker and will help to hide dark backgrounds. Ugh, wish I had that advice BEFORE I bought rose print napkins! Oh well… after completing this project, I would only recommend using fabric or napkins because these would be easier to manipulate over the pumpkin ridges. To me, these two mediums are more flexible and easier to mold without creating too many wrinkles.

All that being said, I’m not going to lie…this DIY Black Rose Pumpkin does take lots patience and a steady hand. But…it’s SOOOO WORTH IT! So let’s get to the tutorial and get this done!

DIY Black Rose Pumpkin

DIY Black Rose Pumpkin

DIY Decoupage Black Rose Pumpkin - 2 of 3

Prep Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes

How to make a black pumpkin with roses using napkins and paint.



  • white 9″ craft pumpkin
  • black chalkboard paint
  • rose print napkins or your choice of floral napkin*
  • small detail scissors
  • small flat paint brush
  • decoupage glue/sealer

Stem - optional

  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • Paper bag or butcher paper


  1. black rose napkins for decoupage Cut out the roses from the napkin.
  2. Separating the layers of the napkin Separate the napkin layers until only the layer with the print remains. Usually, the napkins are 3-ply and the napkin should separate into 3 layers.
  3. Applying the rose napkins onto the craft pumpkin Apply decoupage glue all over the pumpkin in the area the napkin will be applied. If you are not sure how to apply the napkin roses, see this video on Youtube from a decoupage expert – start watching at 3:48. I tried to get the napkins as smooth as possible, but I did have a few wrinkles. When all the napkin roses are applied, let dry. Note: As seen in the video, use a good amount of decoupage medium when applying the napkins. Using too little will cause the napkin to tear when you try to smooth it out.
  4. Paint between the decoupage roses with black paint Use a small flat paint brush to paint between the roses with black chalk paint. Paint the pumpkin in sections. Let dry. Tip: Paint the pumpkin in sections, using the ridges as a guide and stroke the paint in one direction to lessen any brush strokes.


  1. pumpkin stem If you would like to change the pumpkin stem, head over to the DIY Halloween Glam Glitter Pumpkin tutorial to see how it’s done. Once the new stem is applied, paint it with black chalk paint.


* Floral print fabric can also be used in place of paper napkins. Just make sure it isn't too thick.

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DIY Black Rose Pumpkin
3 designer pumpkins

Here are all three designer pumpkin knock-off pumpkins completed! Seen here is the DIY Black Rose Pumpkin, DIY Red Ombre Pumpkin, and DIY Glam Glitter Pumpkin. I hope you enjoyed this series and please tag me on social media if you make your own version of these pumpkins!

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    1. Hi Ginger, If you read the post, it’s because the black tends to dull the color of the print on the napkin. It did a test first and didn’t like the result. The color of the rose stays vibrant against a lighter background color.

  1. Your pumpkin is fabulous, Erlene! And what a great idea to add the black chalk paint after you applied the napkins! Looks beautiful and well done! I am a fan of GrandinRoad and love, love, love their site!

  2. OMG, you would have to be crazy patient to fill in all the white space. But I get why you sat down and commited your time. This pumpkin Looks amazing!!! The glittery one, too. I sure would have loved to mess around with big amounts of colden glitter and sequins! Pinning them both!

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