Deep Cleaning Tips 18 Places We Forget to Clean

Spring is in full swing and if you’re like me, it marks the start of spring cleaning fever. While I tend to clean what I see on a daily basis and try my best to keep up with deep cleaning, there are still places that I tend to forget or put off for later (mostly I put it off for later). To help make cleaning these areas a little easier for all of us, I’ve rounded up deep cleaning tips for 18 places we tend to forget to clean regularly.

Places We Forget to Clean in the Kitchen

Deep Cleaning Tips: Kitchen

I think for the most part, we tend to keep our kitchens pretty clean. However, there are a few areas that don’t always get our daily clean loving.

Range Vent

  1. How to Clean a Greasy Range Hood Filter @The Kitchn – Uses Dawn soap and very hot water
  2. How to Clean that Greasy Stove Hood @One Good Thing by Jillee – Uses boiling water and baking soda
  3. How to Clean Range Hood Grease Filter @Compact Appliance – Uses hot water and auto degreaser

Gas Burners

  1. How to Black Scorch Marks Off Gas Burners & Stove Top @eHow – Tips on how to clean enamel, stainless steel stove tops and burners
  2. How to Properly Clean Your Electric Stove @Family Handyman – How to remove and clean the burner assembly

Gas Grates

  1. 3 Quick (and Foolproof) Ways to Clean Your Stovetop Burner Grates @Taste of Home

    – Shares 3 ways to clean gas stove grates: ammonia, degreasers, and baking soda. I have tried the ammonia method and it works great, but I suggest doing this outdoors due to the fumes.

  2. How to Refinish Stove Grates @SF Gate – How to remove grease build-up and how to repaint your grates


  1. How to Clean Your Dishwasher @My Frugal Adventures – Uses vinegar
  2. How to Clean Your Dishwasher @Tidy Mom – Uses vinegar, baking soda, and removes parts
  3. How to Clean Your Dishwasher @One Good Thing by Jillee – Uses vinegar, baking soda, and tips on mold/mildew problems


  1. When the last time you cleaned the grate at the bottom of your refrigerator? Most of these are clipped on and can be removed and washed. It’s also a good idea to vaccum the dust that collects under the fridge behind that grate.


  1. How to Clean the Tops of Greasy Cabinets @My Pinterventures – How to clean using baking soda/vinegar and with chemicals. Tip to keep it clean.
  2. How to Clean Grease from Kitchen Cabinet Doors @eHow – Several ways to clean kitchen cabinets
Places We Forget to Clean in the Office

Deep Cleaning Tips: Office

When was the last time you REALLY cleaned your computer? I’m not just talking about wiping down the screen and keyboard. I’m talking about getting down-n-dirty and cleaning out the computer tower and under the keys on your keyboard. You’ll be surprised at how much dirt and dusty comes out of these areas. Buy a can of air to help get the debris that falls into your keyboard.

Computer Tower

  1. How to clean your computer: Computer Maintenance 101 @Julieverse – General tips on how to clean your computer tower
  2. Cleaning the Computer and it’s Components @Computer Hope – Has tips on how to clean almost everything on your computer: keyboard, mouse, screen and more


  1. How to Clean Your Computer Keyboard Safely @The Mamas Girls – Uses magic eraser and compressed air
  2. How to Clean a Keyboard @How to Clean Things – This is a deep clean step-by-step on getting under the keys
  3. How to Clean your Keyboard, Cellphone, Tablet, and other Electronics @Real Simple – Tips on what type of commercial items to use to clean the keyboard
Places We Forget to Clean - living room

Deep Cleaning Tips: Living Room

I know the living room is the gathering place in our house. It’s a place that everyone gravitates to and is always in need of cleaning.


  1. Clean a Remote Control @Mashable – Uses rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, toothbrush, and a cloth
  2. How to Clean a Remote Control @NYTimes – adresses the outside and inside for performance issues.


  1. How to Clean a Fan @Proline Range Hoods – How to clean round portable fans, box fans, and ceiling gan.
  2. How to Clean Your Box Fan @Hub Pages – Requires a screwdriver, sprayer, vacuum, cloth, and more.


  1. How to Clean Upholstered Furniture @Tidy Mom – Deep clean upholstered furniture with a Rug Doctor and tips on how to properly do it.
  2. How to Clean Your Microfiber Furniture the Safe and Easy Way @One Good Thing – Teaches you how to assess your furniture and what to use to clean it.
  3. Deep Clean Your Natural Fiber Couch for Better Snuggling @PopSugar
Places We Forget to Clean in the Bed room.

Deep Cleaning Tips: Bedroom

The bedroom is our sanctuary after a hard day, which is why we need to spend the extra time to keep this room clean.


  1. How to Clean a Mattress @Better Home and Gardens – Use a vacuum or beat it outside
  2. Spring Clean Your Mattress @Make It Do – Uses baking soda, vacuum, and essential oil
  3. How to Clean a Mattress: A Step-by-Step Guide @My Slumber Yard – Tips on cleaning your mattress and several stains too


  1. How to Wash and Whiten Yellowed Pillows @One Good Thing by Jillee
  2. Clean Your Pillows! @Clean My Space – Tips on how to load pillows into different washers with drying tips
  3. How to Clean and Dry Your Pillows @My Frugal Adventures – Similar to #2 with a few more details
Places We Forget to Clean in the Laundry room.

Deep Cleaning Tips: Laundry Room

Who knew the place you wash your clothes could get so dirty? Do you remember the last time your cleaned your wash machine and dryer?

Wash Machine

  1. How to Clean Your Washing Machine @Clean and Scentsible – How to clean your front loader
  2. How to Clean a Top Load Washing Machine with Vinegar and Bleach @Practically Functional


  1. Dryer Vent Cleaning @About Home – Through step-by-step on cleaning the dryer vents
  2. How to Clean Your Dryer @Clean and Scentsible
Deep Cleaning Tips for the Patio

Deep Cleaning Tips: Patio

I’m so ready for summer grilling and here are some great tips to get your BBQ grill ready.

Outdoor Rug/Deck

  1. How to Clean an Outdoor Rug @Better Homes and Gardens
  2. How to Easily Clean an Outdoor Rug @Famil Handyman
  3. How Clean an Outdoor Deck The Right Way @Trex Protect
  4. Homemade Deck Cleaner @Bob Villa

A/C Unit

  1. Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser Unit @The Family Handyman


  1. Cleaning BBQ Grills The Magic Way @Made from Pinterest – Uses ammonia for grill cleaning
  2. Free-for-all: Summer Done Bright @House Tweaking – cleaning the entire grill
  3. How to Clean Your BBQ Grill @Cherished Bliss – cleaning the grill with Tide Oxiclean
  4. Clean Your BBQ! @Clean My Space – Great tips on maintenance and cleaning how to
Deep Cleaning Tips for cleaning a vaccum

Deep Cleaning Tips: Cleaning Tools/Vacuum

I almost forgot! When was the last time you cleaned your cleaning tools? I know I clean my vacuum when the suctions decreases or my girls’ hair clogs up the roller, but I don’t remember when I actually deep cleaned my broom and other cleaning items.

  1. How to Clean A Bagless Vacuum @Angela Says
  2. How to Clean Your Dyson @Ask Anna – Note that this does not work for all Dyson models. Always refer to your Dyson manual for cleaning instructions or go to the Dyson website.
  3. How to Clean Your Cleaning Tools @One Good Thing

Now you’re ready to get your deep clean on! What’s the first deep cleaning task on your spring cleaning “to do” list?

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