Can’t find a fall pumpkin for your beach themed decor? Learn how to create your own DIY Boho Fall Coastal Pumpkin with faux florals and seashells!

How to make a Fall Coastal Pumpkin with florals, seashells, and netting.

I love beach-themed and tropical decor, but it’s difficult to find fall decorations that fit these styles. So I have to create seasonal pieces that work for my tropical beachy decorating scheme. If you’re in the same boat, I’m going to share how to create a DIY Boho Fall Coastal Pumpkin using a faux pumpkin, Dollar Tree florals, ribbon, and seashells.

DIY Boho Fall Coastal Pumpkin

Supplies to Decorate the Pumpkin

Fall coastal pumpkin supplies
  • Faux pumpkin – I prefer a white carvable faux pumpkin for a beach or tropical theme, but an orange pumpkin can also be used.
  • Seashells – A variety of seashells and starfish will help add interest to the pumpkin and will help to bring in a ‘beach’ vibe. Seashells and starfish can be found at any craft store.
  • Floral stems – Choose florals that match the color scheme of your decor. I found muted fall blue florals at the Dollar Tree and used one boho style stem from Hobby Lobby.
  • Pearl and gemstone stems (optional) – A few pearls and gemstone stems will help to add a bit of sparkle. I picked up small pearl and gemstone stems in the Bridal section of Hobby Lobby.
  • Light weight floral wire – To help make ribbon loops.
  • Loose pearls and gems (optional) – Loose pearls and beads help to fill in any empty spots and helps add interest.
  • Netting (optional) – I used the sleeve of an old mesh top to create the look of a net around the pumpkin base.
  • Dried pumpkin stem (optional) – Only needed if cutting off the faux pumpkin stem.


  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Wire cutter
  • Hot knife (optional) – to cut off top of the faux pumpkin stem to replace with a real dried pumpkin stem.

How to Make a Boho Fall Coastal Pumpkin

Remove faux pumpkin stem with a hot knife.

Step 1. Optional – If replacing the pumpkin stem with a dried pumpkin stem. Use a hot knife to remove the faux pumpkin stem. Then add lots of glue and attach a dried pumpkin stem (these can be purchased on Etsy too). If the stem is not being replaced, skip to step 2. Another option to upgrade the stem is to cover it in rope like I did for my black decoupage pumpkin.

Step 2. Wrap pumpkin with netting or mesh (I used a sweater sleeve). Encase the entire pumpkin and glue the net to the bottom and the top of the pumpkin (as seen in step 1). Any netting can be used or skipped for a plain pumpkin.

Glue base leaves onto the fall coastal pumpkin top.

Step 3. Cut floral stems so they can be glued around the top of the pumpkin and gather any items to be used for embellishment. Once you have an idea of what items you want to use, start by gluing on the base florals. I started by gluing on three leaves as my base or starting point.

Tip: Glue on florals and other items in a triangular pattern. This will help evenly space out items on the top of the pumpkin.

Fall coastal pumpkin ribbon.

Step 5. Now, start arranging and gluing the floral stems, seashells, starfish, ribbon, and other items on top of the pumpkin. Start by gluing the larger on items and then work in the smaller items. For example, after the base florals, I added the ribbon, large seashells, a mini pumpkin, and more florals. Next, I filled in spaces with small florals, seashells, and beads.

Tip: Remember, there isn’t a right or wrong way to do this. Arrange the items to your liking as items can always be removed and rearranged if needed.

360° View of DIY Boho Fall Coastal Pumpkin

I didn’t take photos of me filling in the florals as I was constantly adding and removing items. So here are a few pictures to show the full view of my DIY Fall Coastal Pumpkin.

Full view of DIY Fall Coastal Pumpkin.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to make your own DIY Fall Boho Coastal Pumpkin. If you make one, tag my on instagram @mypinterventures so I can see your creation.

DIY Boho Fall Coastal Pumpkin displayed on shelf.

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