If you’re looking for a refreshing summer salad, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’m sharing some of the best cucumber salads in this roundup of 35 Cool Cucumber Salad Recipes.

35 cool cucumber salad recipes for summer.

Here’s part 3 of 4-part cucumber recipes series and it’s all about cucumber salads! And just in case you’re wondering what’s so great about cucumbers, head to the 20 Cucumber Drink Recipes post to see the nutrional benefits of cucumbers.

Best Cucumbers For Salads

Cucumbers on vines

Honestly, there are a ton of cucumber varieties and the type you use is personal preference. Cucumbers fall into slicing and pickling types. But for salads, my choice would be the English Cucumber (hot house cucumbers) because of the thinner skin, fewer seeds, and sweet mild flavor compared to other types.

Of course, recipes for cucumber salads vary widely, so use what is called for in each specific recipe. Each recipe in this roundup will specify what type of cuke (cucumber) to use and what works best for the recipe. Many recipes will also give a cucumber substitution if the one in the recipe can’t be found.

To learn more about cucumber varieties, check out A Brief Guide to Types of Cucumbers by The Spruce Eats.

How to Store Cucumbers

There are various methods on the web on how to store cucumbers in the fridge. The Kitchn did a cucumber storage showdown and tested 9 methods of cucumber storage. Lucky for me, one of the top two ways of keeping cucumbers fresh for two weeks is exactly how I store mine!

Cucumbers in paper towel and plastic bag storage method.

My favorite way to store cucumbers in the fridge is to wrap them in a paper towel and place into an airtight plastic bag. Note: Make sure to push out all the air in the bag. And the second best way to store cucumbers was in a plastic bag with a spoon! I’ve never tried this method, so I’ll just have to take The Kitchn’s word on this one.

To learn more about cucumber storage, check out How to Store Cucumbers Showdown by The Kitchn.

30 Cool Cucumber Salad Recipes

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