Welcome to the 2015 Ornament Exchange Link Party! What makes this ornament exchange so special? Most online ornament exchanges have been about partnering up people to exchange ornaments and we never get to see what was exchanged in the mail. I wanted to do a different kind of ornament exchange and share the ornaments that were created or bought with everyone!

But before we get started, I want to say, “THANK YOU!” to all the bloggers that helped make this exchange possible. We ended with over 70 unique ornament posts!

Ornament Exchange Link Party

Welcome to the first 2015 Holiday Ornament Exchange!

 Want to see all the amazing ornaments we have shared?

We are linking up all of our ornaments in the link below so everyone can see all the beautiful handmade and/or store bought goodies we came up with!

Let’s all get inspired this season!

Ornament Exchange Hosts

 The Hosts of the Exchange~

My Pinterventures  |  Made in a Day  |  The House Down The Lane  |  The Kolb Corner  |  Intelligent Domestications  |  Where The Smiles Have Been  | Ash and Crafts  |  Inside the Fox Den  |  C’mon Get Crafty  |  Olives-n-Okra

Ornament Exchange Helpers

We want to say a huge “Thank You” to all the blogs that shared the exchange announcement on their sites, we could not have done it without you! Hugs! 

Lexi Michelle Blog | B is 4 | Xo, Lorey | Craving Some Creativity | Cherishing a Sweet Life | Our Crafty Mom | MidMichigan Mom

NOTE: Some of the blogs are no longer running, so the links might not work. I left the images in place even for those no longer running for inspiration.

An InLinkz Link-up

For more ornament tutorials, check out the 2016 & 2017 Ornament Exchange Blog Hops ~

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