Wondering what to do with leftover ham? Worry not, here are 100+ Tasty Thanksgiving Leftover Ham Recipes to tickle your taste buds.

Most years, we spend Thanksgiving with my hubby’s family. The gatherings are fairly large and there is always turkey and ham served. Those two are a staple for holiday gatherings and something we usually eat once or twice a year at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Unfortunately, due to the dreaded virus, we’re still being advised to not have mixed household gatherings in Southern California, so we’re staying home to celebrate.

Since it’s just the six of us in our home, I made ham early this year because I didn’t want to be drowning in leftover turkey AND ham after Thanksgiving. In fact, as I am writing this post, my fridge has an entire container of leftover ham…eek! But thanks to some fellow bloggers, I have 100+ Tasty Thanksgiving Leftover Ham Recipes to try.

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Leftover Ham Breakfast Recipes

Starting off the day with a good breakfast is must. So, why not use leftover ham to make the most important meal of the day.

Leftover Ham Casserole, Frittata, & Quiche Recipes

Getting up a bit later in the day? Maybe brunch is more your style. If so, here are 25 fabulous casserole, frittata, and quiche (keto too) recipes that can serve as brunch, lunch, or even dinner recipes.

Leftover Ham Lunch Recipes

Breakfast and brunch not your thing? How about some lunch recipes! Here are 15 sandwich, slider, and pocket sandwich recipe ideas. Perfect sandwiches for on-the-go or for eating at home.

Leftover Ham Rice and Pasta Recipes

Can’t live without rice and pasta? Then, these recipes are for you! 20 tasty leftover ham rice and pasta recipes to satisfy your carb cravings.

Leftover Ham Soup Recipes

Soups are the perfect comfort food during the cold winters. Any one of these hearty soups are sure to warm your soul and fill your belly.

Miscellaneous Leftover Ham Recipes

Looking for some unique ways to use up leftover ham? Try using ham in dips, biscuits, salads, and more!

Leftover Ham Slow Cooker Recipes

If you like to set it and forget it, these slow cooker recipes are for you. Slow cooker recipes allow you time to do other things and allows for great flavor distribution.

Leftover Ham Instapot Recipes

Instapots are a fairly new in kitchen appliances. If you’re still learning how to use it or need some new recipe ideas, this is a great list of leftover ham recipe ideas to get you started.

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