Wow, it’s only a few more days till April 1st and I just realized that I haven’t shared any fun pranks for April Fool’s Day! I’m not usually one to do pranks, but now that my kids are teens, I thought it would be fun to pull a few pranks on them. After all, it’s good for the soul to have a few a laughs, right? Here are 10 Family Friendly April Fool’s Day Pranks that won’t harm or cause any property/bodily damage 🙂

10 Family Friendly April Fool's Day Pranks

10 Family Friendly April Fool’s Day Pranks

Bath prank Silly Blue Bath Water Prank via Kids Activities Blog

Surprise the kids with colored watered! I wonder if this would work on the shower head?

April Fool's Shampoo PrankShampoo BottlePrank  via The Purple Bug

I can see my kids trying to figure out why their shampoo won’t come out. I think my youngest son would take the longest to figure this out. Plus, there’s a list of other fun April Fool’s Day Pranks.

April Fool's Day Prank

“Chocolate” Grapes via Busy Kids Happy Mom

Omgosh, this has got to be one of the most clever ways to disguise food for April Fool’s Day, EVER!

April Fool's Day Prank

Missing TV Remote via Not So Idle Hands (site no longer running)

This one is for my hubby. He uses remotes for everything and this would be such a fun prank to pull on him.

Mouse sensor cover

 The kids love their computer and covering the mouse sensor is the perfect way to prank them. I’m sure they’ll figure this one out pretty quick.

April Fool's Day Prank Poo Cookies

April Fool’s Day Poop Cookies via Gina Kirk

This is totally gross, which is why my teens would get a kick out of this. I’m definitely making these and some extras for them to share with friends.

rubberbands on phone

Don’t know where this image came from, but since my kids live on their phones, I know they would get a kick out of rubber bands all over their phones.

donut prank

Veggies in Donut Box via A Thrift Mom (page error, but image is from her blog)

My kids love maple donuts and hiding veggies/fruits inside their favorite donut shop’s box would be a healthy alternative for an April Fool’s Day snack.

Tiisue in sneakers - April Fool's Joke

Place tissue in shoes via Meet Penny

I love this idea. Super quick and easy to do.

Balloon behind doorBalloon Behind Door via Ya Ma Donkey on Tumblr

No instructions on this, but I think it’s pretty self explanatory. What a way to really wake someone up in the morning…hehehe.

April Fool's Brownies5-Minute April’s Fools Joke via The Gingerbread House

Here’s some 5-minute ‘Brown E’ baking. Just recycle some cardboard and serve these goodies on a plate for the family.

Brown E April Fool's prank printable.
Brown E Prank via Messy Little Monster

Same concept as above, but this is a free printable.

Smell my thong collage
Use my affiliate code to order and I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

My son, who is in college, sometimes streams some of his game play and one of his viewers sent him this prank because he accidentally showed his address (pls. be careful folks). Anyway, it’s from and literally looks like you bought used undies! There isn’t really an underwear in these, but can you image what the mail person or roommate(s) would think…lol! It’s just an envelope with a prank card and message from the sender. There’s also a scannable QR code that shows a fake profile of the person who wore the undies…eek!

There are also envelopes for used boxers, dirty diapers, smell my sockz, and more! Of course, these would be geared towards young adults that are out of high school 🙂

More Fantastic April Fool’s Day Ideas:

Find more April Fool’s Day Pranks on my April Fool’s Day Pinterest Board

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  1. I loved these! Some fool taught my kids to pull these kind of pranks! My personal fave was my daughter yelling, ” Mom, Jeremy (the old cat) just threw up all over the rug.” I grabbed a spray cleaner and paper towels and raced over to the spot and the rubber barf just skated across the run when I swiped at it while she roared with laughter. My son got me GOOD when he attached the(Halaloween) plastic severed hand dripping blood to the milk jug in the fridge. I am catatonic before my coffee but I let out a good squeak when I went to get the milk! Daughter’s kindergarten’s teacher screech was heard all over the school when Marianne got her with a hand buzzer. My stepson scared his grandfather with the envelope of “rattlesnake eggs”!; he threw the envelope about 10′! Marianne had a friend whose house was literally cleaned out by burglers; the mom was SO proud of her brand new furniture. Imagine her dismay when she found a fake melting creamsicle on her coffee table and a fake bottle of spilled red nail polish on her hutch! Gotta think of something awful to do to them on Easter!