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Thank you for joining me for this St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hop! We’ve got 17 crazy talented bloggers sharing St. Patrick’s Day crafts – on a budget! Each blogger was given a budget of no more than $10 and challenged to create a St. Patrick’s Day craft using items from the dollar store or dollar section of their local stores. To see all their creations, check out the links at the end of the post. 

Rainbow Tassel Necklace

I have to admit that I bent the rules for this challenge. I only used one item from the Dollar store with the remaining items purchased at the craft store using coupons, which helped keep me at $10. However, I have a good reason for breaking the rules – my daughter needed something green to keep her pinch-free on St. Patrick’s Day. And since green clothing isn’t her fave, we decided to create a Rainbow Tassel Necklace! St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Tassel Necklace

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Tassel Necklace

How to Make a Rainbow Tassel Necklace - St. Patrick's Day Necklace

Yield: 1
Active Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Medium

How to make a quick rainbow tassel necklace for a pinch free St. Patrick's Day.


  • gold necklace (I used a 24″)
  • 1 – plastic gold coin
  • 2 – 7mm gold jump rings
  • green, orange, red, yellow, blue, and violet embroidery thread or keep it simple and just use green (buy the bulk bags and use a 50% coupon if available)


  • Scissors
  • Flat nose pliers
  • drill with 1/16 drill bit


    1. drill gold coin Use a ruler and find the center of the gold coin. Use the felt pen and mark two points near the edge on the top and bottom of the coin. Drill through the two marks. Set aside.
    2. how to make a rainbow tassel Cut a piece of cardboard 2″ x 4″ or use the cardboard from the jump ring/necklace packaging. Tape the green thread onto the front of the cardboard. Wrap the thread around the cardboard 5 times around. Tape the end down to the back of the cardboard and cut. Repeat the above two steps with each thread color. Cut an 8″ length of green thread and run it under all the thread loops. Tie in a tight knot.
    3. Making a rainbow tassel Slide all the loops off the cardboard. Set aside. With 12″ of green thread, create a loop. Place the loop near the top of the tassel, with the round side down towards the bottom. Decide how big you want the top of your tassel. Start the first wrap the free end of the green thread towards the bottom of the tassel about 5 – 6 times. Take the end of the thread and pull it tight through the loop. Knot and tuck under the wrapped threads.
    4. rainbow tassel necklace Cut through the thread loops. Trim the bottom of the tassel to even the thread lengths. Add a jump ring to the top of the coin. Close with pliers. Add a jump ring through the top tie of the tassel and add to the bottom hole of the coin. Close with pliers.
    5. St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Tassel Necklace And there you have a finished Rainbow Tassel Necklace to ensure a pinch-free St. Patrick’s Day.

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    1. What a fun idea! These would be so great to make for the kids for St. Patrick’s Day. (Also, thanks for the awesome pictures on how you make tassels… I’ve been needing that.)