Planning a July 4th party and need a party game? Here is a FREE July 4th BINGO printable to provide party entertainment!

Free July 4th BINGO printable party game for kids and adults! Easy fourth of July party entertainment and activity. Fun family game!

Printables are for personal use only

July 4th is about a week away! I know many of you are planning backyard BBQs and family parties, so I wanted to help bring some fun to your party with this FREE July 4th BINGO printable. All you have to do is print these out on nice heavy weight paper (regular paper works too), cut out the cards, and play!

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July 4th BINGO Printable

Cut out the July 4th BINGO printable. Cut out the cards and the call cards.


  • Print out the cards and call cards. Click HERE to download. Note: This is a zip file and the file will have to be download.
  • Cut out each 5×5 card (1 – 10) and each individual call cards (11 – 16).
  • Optional – laminate the cards if you want to reuse them multiple times.


  • Each player gets one 5×5 card.
  • Place all the call cards into a bag or bowl. One person will randomly pick call cards and call out to the group.
  • If someone has the matching image or word, they should mark it on their card. Use pennies, marshmallows, cereal, pens, beads, pom poms,  or any other small item to mark the images and words.

July 4th BINGO printable line game

LINE BINGO: Complete a single row, column, or diagonal line to win.

July 4th BINGO printable x-game

X-Marks THE SPOT BINGO: Complete an ‘x’ on each card to win.

July 4th BINGO printable square play

SQUARE BINGO: Complete only the outside edges of the BINGO card to win.


There may be more than one winner, so have more than one prize on-hand.

  • Adults – toilet paper, paper towels, coffee, store gift cards, gas gift card, soda, snacks, etc…
  • Kids – candy, gift cards, toys, coloring books, art supplies, pencils, stickers, etc…

Enjoy and have a spectacular 4th of July! Click the link get all 16 pages of the July 4th Bingo Printable game =>>>> I want the printable! *These printables are for personal use only*

What kind of July 4th games do you play?

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