Use copper washi tape to create a fun fall mason jar party favor or gift. Washi tape geometric pumpkin jars

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Do you send your guests home with Thanksgiving leftover bags? When our family gets together for Thanksgiving, it’s pretty much a given that you’ll leave with a huge plate or bag of Thanksgiving leftovers. While nobody ever complains about taking home Thanksgiving leftovers (we love our food), I thought it would be nice to add a Thanksgiving favor – copper washi tape geometric pumpkin jars.

Copper Washi Tape Geometric Pumpkin Jars

Another option would be to use these geometric pumpkin jars as party game gifts. My hubby’s family plays a mean game of ‘spoons’ that I stay out of due to possible bodily harm – skin has been broken in a few games. Either way, these geometric pumpkin jars will last a lot longer than leftovers and make a great gift to remember the fun gathering.

Copper Washi Tape Geometric Pumpkin Jars


If creating this bottle in gold, you will not need to paint the jar lid and will not need the copper paper.

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Geometric Pumpkin Jar Lid

Remove any price tags and wipe down the outside of the glass jar with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils. Remove the lid and paint with copper paint. Let dry. Do two additional coats (3 coats total).

Place lid insert on copper paper, trace, and cut out. Assemble the lid with the paper inside the ring. Set aside for later.

Applying washi tape to Geometric Pumpkin Jars

Cut washi tape in half length wise. Apply at an angle on the bottle. Continue to apply the other washi tapes in varying angles until the entire bottle is covered in a geometric pattern.

Tip: Use a pen or your fingernail to score where each tape needs to be cut. Also, don’t be afraid to cut your tape into thirds to vary tape width.

geometric pumpkin jar leaf

Download the leaf template and cut out. Trace the leaf onto green card stock and cut out one for each jar. Optional, but creates some dimension – fold each leaf in half and create diagonal creases next to the stem by pressing your fingernails into the paper and bending it (see picture). Glue the stem onto the center of each jar lid. Add a cork onto the stem.

Tip: I created a multi leaf template to print directly onto green card stock  or use it to create a single template for multi colored leaves.

Geometric Pumpkin Jar with candy

Place a tea light (optional) and candy into each jar, cover, and gift!

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