Fall Leaf Book Page Wall Art

September 22 marks the first official day of fall! I’m so excited that I want to squeal….eeeeeekkk! Sorry, I just had to let out some of my excitement :-). Fall is seriously my absolutely favorite time of the year –  I love the colors, the cool weather, the decorations, the food…just about everything.

Unlike the summer season, which I totally skipped in the decor department, I’ve already put up some fall decor.  The Dollar Store Fall Owl was the first fall decoration to go up, but I didn’t want him to get lonely, so I quickly threw together a fall leaf book page wall art for the entry area.


  • book page
  • Sharpie fine tip black pen
  • fall watercolors
  • paint brush
  • picture frame

Fall leaf outline


Okay, I cheated a little here. I didn’t have an actual book page to use, so I found a printable book page on the internet and printed it out on some heavy weight paper. Art paper or watercolor paper would be a better choice, but I used what I had on hand.

Then, using the Sharpie fine tip black pen,  I  drew a fall leaf onto the printed book page and added some shading. If you don’t feel comfortable drawing out a leaf, print one out and trace it onto your page.

***Make sure the pen is permanent and water proof. Using watercolor paper will help prevent the paper from warping.***

Watercolor leaf

Because watercolor dries do fast, I didn’t get to take pictures of the process, but it’s really simple. I started at the tips of the leaf with a deep red color and worked my way down the leaf using green and yellow. To get the colors to blend, don’t let the paint dry…keep it wet as you add all your colors.  When you’re satisfied with the colors, let the paint dry completely and trace over all the black lines again.

***I used my daughter’s school watercolors. If you use professional watercolors, you’ll get a more saturated and opaque leaf coloring.***

Completed Fall Leaf


Place the completed fall leaf in a frame and hang. Now you have your very own fall leaf book page wall art.

Before Front Door


Stay tuned for the rest of the front entry transformation.

What are your favorite ways to decorate your walls for fall?

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  1. Fall leaves always looks charming and beautiful! Love your Fall Leaf Book Page Wall Art tutorial, sure to bring a tough of autumn cheer around the house…. Beautiful as gifts as well!!

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