If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on St. Patrick’s Day decorations, I’ve got the perfect solution! Create your own DIY St. Patrick’s Day Word Art using cardboard, paper, and Mod Podge or glue.
 Cardboard, paper, and Mod Podge makes for an easy DIY St. Patrick's Day Word Art
When the kids were little, St. Patrick’s Day was a big thing. Their wanting to celebrate the holiday had nothing to do with them being Irish (we aren’t), but more to do with them not wanting to get pinched at school. So making sure they had something green to wear and decorating was a ‘must’ do thing back then.
Of course, they’re teens now and wearing green to school on St. Patrick’s Day isn’t really a big deal anymore, but I still like to decorate the house in some green for the holiday. For me, St. Patrick’s Day is my transition holiday into spring decorations. But because it’s not a major holiday for us, I didn’t want to spend any money on decorations and decided to create something new with items I already had on-hand.
Craft Room De-stash Challenge
This St. Patrick’s Day Word Art project fits perfectly into this month’s Craft Room De-stash Challenge. The challenge was created by Megan at C’mon Get Crafty to motivate all the craft supply hoarders to utilize supplies we already had in our stash to create something new! The rules are simple:
  1. Use items already in our craft stash.
  2. If needed, a $10 limit for additional supplies.

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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Word Art

St. Patrick's Day Word Art Slider


  • chip board or cardboard
  • 4 – 12″ x 12″ decorative papers – glitter paper, reflective foil paper, pattern paper
  • Mod Podge or glue
  • tape (optional)
  • scissors
  • printer & paper
  • glitter shamrock leaf (optional)
  • mounting adhesive dots


DIY St. Patrick's Day Word Art letter cutting

To create my giant sized letters, I used PicMonkey’s Lucky Guy Font to make jpg. images of each letter. I saved each letter to my computer and inserted them as images on Google document to fill almost the entire page 8.5″ x 11″ paper. When all the letters are printed, cut them out.

Grab a FREE printable template HERE.

St. Patrick's Day Word Art Template

Tape the cut letters onto cardboard/chip board and cut out. I used chip board, which is a bit thicker than cereal box cardboard and less likely to warp.

DIY St. Patrick's Day Word Art Papering

Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge or glue to the right side of a letter. Applying too much Mod Podge or glue will cause the cardboard to curl. Press it onto the backside of a decorative paper. Smooth out any air bubbles. Trim off the excess paper, leaving a 1/2″ border, and wrap the letter using Mod Podge/glue to hold the paper in place.

Tip: If using cereal or thin cardboard and it begins to warp, wrap it and place it under a heavy book or cans to help flatten it.

Letter C

Tip: When dealing with thicker glitter paper and curved edges, make sure to trim the paper in triangles. This makes it easier to fold around curves without warping or ripping the paper.

DIY St. Patrick's Day Word Art Stickers

Apply several adhesive mounting dots. Place letters on your walls, in a frame, or any place you want to decorate.

DIY St.Patrick's Day Word Art

I placed my letters inside of a frame with a fabric covered back ground for a giant sized mantel display.

Find more fun ideas on my St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest Board

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  1. I love this project for so many reasons. One, it’s easy to replicate. Two, it uses materials I already have on hand. And 3, it is so adaptable to any holiday or celebration. 3 reasons to love this!
    Thank you for sharing at My Busy Beehives #beeparty link-up this week. Hope to see you agian!

    1. Justwanted to let you know that you were featured this week at My Busy Beehives #beeparty! THanks for linking up- please come and share again!

  2. I’m ALL ABOUT the super simple stuff, and this is such a cute project! Great tip about dealing with curved edges – I wouldn’t have thought of that.

  3. This is so cute. I am having Deja Vu because I promise I thought I commented already. But it is so clever and we all need some LUCK in our lives.

  4. This is such a cute decoration for St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks for the tutorial, especially the part about using picmonkey to make the giant letters. Your framed word art turned out great!

  5. I wish I could see it in person because I imagine the foil used on the U is really striking. I love this project. It is easily made with things people have in the house and you could apply it to any holiday using the same technique.

  6. Such a cute and simple for this holiday! Great tips with using the cardboard for the letters and for how to cut around the letter for the thicker paper. A cereal box would work perfect for an alternative to chipboard – since it’s getting covered up anyway 🙂

  7. This turned out so cute Erlene! I love decorating for every single holiday, lol, including St. Patrick’s Day. My family just rolls their eyes. Being able to make my own decorations definitely helps!

  8. I love these! I’d have never guessed they had a cardboard backing, excellent job! I’m going to have to give these a try to add to my St. Patricks decor, they’re just too cute! Great use of your craft items too 🙂 Pinned!

  9. St. Patty’s day was a really big deal for us for awhile, probably more to do with the fact that we went away for the weekend and celebrated it with my Irish friend! This is so cute. I’d love to see you link it up to the next #HomeMattersParty

  10. This is adorable and so perfect for March! It seems we decorate for and celebrate every holiday now that my preschooler is aware of these special days.