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Do the utensils you send to school with your kids disappear? My utensils do. Utensils are like those missing socks in the laundry, they vanish. To prevent losing my precious utensils, I like to pack lunch boxes that contain finger foods.

Bacon and Eggs Musubi

While I solved the problem of losing utensils, finger foods means eating with your hands. And we all know kids aren’t the best at keeping their hands clean, so I like to pack Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes in their lunch bags. Unlike hand sanitizers, the wipes can kill 99.99% of bacteria and wipe away grime without irritating or drying out their skin. Plus, the convenient individual packet wipes are easy to use when soap and water aren’t readily available.Wet Ones® give me peace of mind that my kids will have clean hands to eat one of their favorite lunches – musubi, grapes, carrots, and string cheese lunch box.

Bacon and Egg Musubi Lunch Box

Never heard of a musubi? A musubi is a favorite Hawaiian island portable meal that is made with three basic ingredients: rice, nori (seaweed), and Spam. However, to mix things up, I decided to surprise my kids with a bacon and egg musubi.

Bacon and Eggs Musubi before & afterTo make a Bacon & Eggs Musubi, you’ll need to have cooked rice. I use a rice cooker, but use whatever method works for you. You’ll also need cooked bacon, scrambled eggs, and nori (seaweed).



While the rice is cooking, cook the bacon and eggs in separate pans. For two musubi, I use three scrambled eggs and two pieces of bacon. The bacon is simply fried in a pan, while the eggs will need to be cooked like an omelet.


If you have a musubi maker, fill it with rice and compress. The rice should compress to about 1/2″ – 3/4″ in height. Cut the compressed rice in half with a damp metal knife.

If you do not have a musubi maker, shape the rice into 4″ long rectangles using your hands. Make sure to compress the rice or the musubi will fall apart.

Assemble bacon & egg musubiBacon and Egg Musubi


Place a trimmed slice of egg on the rice and top it with one piece of bacon. Take a sheet of nori and fold in half lengthwise. Pull the nori apart and wrap around the bacon and egg rice stack. Packed lunch box with Wet Ones

I now have a bacon and eggs musubi! that’s ready to be added into my kids’ lunch box, along with a few packets of Wet Ones®

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  1. This looks so amazing! I’m drooling right now! Pinned and tweeted. Thanks for stopping by and partying with us! I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm, so we can pin and tweet your masterpieces! Lou Lou Girls

  2. Loving this and I’m drooling! You are so talented. Thanks for sharing this at our party. Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm, so we get to party with you again! Lou Lou Girls

  3. My husband was in the army and we had some friends from Hawaii who introduced us to musubi, and my husband loves it. I’ve never heard of any variations, but I know he’d love this too!

  4. Yummy! That looks so good! I have never heard of musubi, but it’s a great alternative to traditional sandwich. I definitely need to make it when I stock up on some nori. Pinning for later.

  5. This sounds so good and I love that you added the Wet Ones as well. I just got back from vaca and we took our share of Wet Ones along for all of us to use.