10 Holiday Shopping Tips & Printable - 10 Tips to help keep you on budget and ease the holiday shopping stress. Plus, a free holiday shopping printable.


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Okay, I know it’s a little early for some of you to be thinking about holiday shopping, but some people are already done! Am I getting you stressed out by mentioning holiday shopping? Sorry, but it is right around the corner and you know you’re going to have face it. So, to help you stay on budget and ease the holiday shopping stress, I’d like to share 10 holiday shopping tips & a free printable.

10 Tips to Stay on Budget and Ease Holiday Shopping Stress:

1. Make a realistic budget and stick to it! If you have XXX amount to spend for shopping, stay within that budget and try to pay for things in CASH to avoid any credit card fees (unless you plan on paying in full).

2. Make a list of everyone you plan to purchase gifts for (free printable below!), what type of gifts you want to buy,  AND the top amount you are willing to spend for each gift. So, if you’re planning on spending $10 on a gift, don’t spend $13 – those few extra dollars add up quickly and you’ll have blown your budget. ***Make sure you include your trash collectors, mailman, hair dresser, etc… on your list. Literally, everyone you plan on giving a gift to should be on it.***

3. If you’re buying high ticket items, do some research online and look at performance, reviews, and compare prices for the best deals.

4. Shop the best deals and sales – Black Friday or Small Business Saturday. If you like shopping on Black Friday, make a plan and shop with friends! Know when each store opens and make a plan on how to visit each store. Make a list of things you all want and divide it between each person to get these items and meet up later to continue shopping…if you have the energy 🙂 Make sure you have alternate gift ideas in case the gift you want is unavailable. For those that rather shop online, how about Cyber Monday? Many online stores offer free shipping and a no hassle return policy.

5. Get free gift wrap if it’s offered. You won’t have to spend extra money for wrapping and it’s one less thing to worry about!

6. I know crafting and baking might be stressful for some, but many find it relaxing. How about making your own gifts? Just remember to keep a budget in mind for all the supplies.

7. Take advantage of price matching – many stores will match advertised competitor prices, so check store policies when you shop.

8. Do you know what the hottest toys are for the season? Most will sell out early – been there done that.  Find out what hot toys have the #ChosenByKids approval by going to store events, like Walmart’s Holiday Toyland. Come to these events and let your kids have a hands on experience with some of the top 2014 toys! It’s a great way to know what toys they’ll actually like and get a jump start on the holiday season! I know I’ll be checking it out, so check back for a toy product review! Check your local stores for event times and dates – event dates start on October 4th.

Some of the brands you’ll be seeing at Walmart’s Holiday Toyland Events

toy collage


9. Use layaway. This is great if you don’t want your gift out in the open too early (like a new bike), but want to make sure you have your item. ***Check to see if the store will price match layaway items or match a sale price if the price goes down while your item is on layaway.***

10. Need to shop for relatives in far away places? Save yourself a trip to the post office and ask if the store will ship your gift for you.

There you have it. Just a few ways to help keep you on budget and have a less stressful holiday shopping season. Have you started shopping yet or are you already done?


Free Holiday Shopping List Printable

Holiday Shopping List Printable
Click image or here for printable.

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  1. These are all good tips. I’m glad I’m already finished shopping for this year! Woohoo! I started early, first time ever. I know. I’m proud of myself too. Haha. What an awesome printable. I will be pinning this for next year though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. WOW Isn’t this just awesome! Thank you so much – Love it! Now to make sure that I follow it this year…

  3. Love the printable list! I need to take more advantage of price matching. I always forget about this option, but it’s so rewarding when we do!

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